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Study The Essentials Of Rulings According To The Hanafi School Of Thought

Study the Fiqh of fasting & zakah with real-life case studies in an interactive manner with a qualified scholar Learn the most common misconceptions & rulings in relation to one’s everyday life as a Muslim to ensure your acts of worship, social interactions & worldly affairs remain in accordance to Islam.
Study The Essentials Of Rulings According To The Hanafi School Of Thought

Ideal For Ramadan In Lockdown

For the first time ever, we are facing a Ramadan completely devoid of collective worship and face-to-face classes with teachers. If you’re wondering how to spiritually revitalise in Ramadan and seeking an inspirational way to receive your spiritual boost of heart-softening reminders, an interactive online course is the perfect alternative. Guarantee your most beautifully productive Ramadan ever (even in lockdown!) with Al Miftah Institute.
Ideal For Ramadan In Lockdown

Removing Barriers To Islamic Education

Al Miftah Institute is committed to providing the highest calibre of teaching and learning. We aim to deliver at the highest standard for you to have an excellent student experience with qualified teachers whilst keeping in mind our commitment to removing all barriers to Islamic education. Therefore, all of our courses are completely free to register, attend & gain certificates for. All we ask is for a discretionary donation towards our running costs or if you prefer, a small fundraising target (£10 a month)!
Removing Barriers To Islamic Education

Gain A Certification By An Established Institution

Upon successful completion of the course, students will gain a Shahadah (certificate) by Al Miftah Institute.
Gain A Certification By An Established Institution


  • 12 Weeks

    Starting on the 25th April 2020 for 12 weeks on our dedicated online learning platform

  • Saturdays 2pm - 3:30pm GMT

    An interactive class every week with opportunity for Q&A throughout with the teacher & students


  • Ustadh Farhan Mahmood

    Ustadh Farhan Mahmood

    Ustadh Abu Zuhair Farhan Mahmood is the founder of Q-Iman and a teacher in the field of Islamic Sciences and Arabic Language. He graduated with an LLB Honours in Law in 2009 and spent about a year working in the legal sector. He then returned to education and completed his post-graduate and graduated with a Msc Masters in Management Consultancy. In 2012 he graduated from the Arabic Intensive Programme at Ebrahim College and joined their reputable Alimiyyah Programme under the tutelage of experienced teachers in various disciplines of Islamic sciences. He finished his studies at Ebrahim College with the completion of the Dawrah Hadith Programme and gained an Ijazah in Hadith.


  • Professional & Experienced Teachers

    We take pride in the fact that all members of our faculty have sacrificed many years to pursue their Islamic education - whilst all have been formally trained by esteemed scholars in the UK, many have also studied in classical institutions abroad to further embellish their credentials and maintain the institute's impeccable standards.

  • Students Have Targets & Future Prospects

    We ensure students are given realistic targets in what they will be able to achieve through their course of study as well as being given the chance to further their studies after they have completed their chosen course.

  • Removing Barriers To Education

    Most people have great dreams of studying their faith but fall short because of the many barriers in their way. At Al Miftah, we aim to remove all such barriers to allow students to study their faith whilst keeping their unique situations in mind. We ensure our courses are manageable by providing weekly live classes as well as supplementary resources to aid students in their studies at a pace that suits them best.