• The best example for mankind

    It is crucial for every Muslim to study the intricate details of the Prophet ﷺ life before & after Prophethood

  • Understand Islamic heritage from its roots

    Become well acquainted with the rich Islamic history and legacy left behind by key figures that shape our Muslim identity today

  • Appreciate more than just the Seerah

    Be exposed to subsidiary discussions that arise from the Seerah to contextualise learning and enable yourself to appreciate the many other Islamic sciences

Course Structure

Study of the chronological historical events that took place before the birth of the Prophet Mohammad ﷺ, through to his upbringing & revelation of Prophethood, before unravelling the struggles & battles that came with the spread of Islam in Makkah & the immigration to Madinah, to his death

  • The definition / importance / sources of Seerah

  • From the birth of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) to the birth of Prophet Mohammed ﷺ

  • From the birth till revelation

  • From revelation to migration (the secret Dawah/the open Dawah/Dawah outside Makkah)

  • From migration to death (the defence stage/the offence stage/the international Dawah//the final stage)

Course Schedule

  • 3 terms & 38 weeks

    A full academic year Jan-Dec 2019 on our dedicated online learning platform

  • Wednesdays 7-9pm GMT

    An interactive class every week with opportunity for Q&A throughout with the teacher & students

  • Catch up on demand

    Enjoy unlimited access to every video lesson, as it's recorded for on-demand access

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